Thursday, October 10, 2013

EAL Science Blog

This is just a quick post to share yet another one of my many blogs.  I know there are tons of ways to share information online and a multitude of different websites and apps but I'm well versed in Blogger and just find it the easiest way to post information for students.  I have been using blogs for years to post online lessons for students in all subject areas.  I have also used them to communicate with students and families online.  Currently, I'm attempting to use and for that instead but there's still something to be said for a really solid website that's consistent and easy to navigate to.

Today, I updated my EAL Science blog as I have just begun teaching an EAL Science class and am excited to have the students do an excellent Webquest I found.  Yes, Webquests still exist and there are some good ones out there.  My challenge was always finding ones that were 100% relevant to what I wanted to accomplish and I found the perfect one for teaching about biomes and animals adaptations.  Here's a screen shot of my EAL Science Blog. 


I should also mention that I will be introducing students to Google Docs through this project as well as a yet-to-be-determined Scrapbooking program (suggestions are welcome!) and Fotobabble.  I considered Three Ring but it's really more for publishing already existing projects.  I hope to add some of their work to Three Ring, however, and begin creating an online portfolio for students.  There are so many possibilities..I just wish I had more time in the day.

Also, I am hoping to blog about our fun pumpkin tart making that we will be doing tomorrow morning.  A great way to teach English is by just doing things and I love incorporating our local culture and traditions into student learning.  It's my first time making pumpkin tarts so it should be an interesting experience!

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